So the worse has happened and you have damaged your chandelier, what do you do.

First, please save all pieces that have been broken. This will help us identify the part or parts for replacement. What may seem insignificant to you could be a clue that will identify the manuufacturer and year of the piece.

 We work closely with a number of insurance companies and brokers.

Your second  step is to talk to your broker or company, if the light is covered by insurance the company can then under direction from you contact us and we will take over from there.

 In the odd occasion when a light has to be completely written off we provide a consultancy and sourcing service to try and replicate your piece as closely as possible.

 If your light is not covered by insurance we have a supply of spare parts and will endevour to match or satisfy your needs a s closely as possible.

We work with a number of insurance companies. Please contact us for details .

to be compeleted. 

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