Cleaning is a job best left to the professional.


The only way to properly clean a chandelier is to dismantle all of the dressing, clean each piece by hand, dry and polish each drop and then reassemble on the frame.  There are several spray products available on the NZ market, however these products are not recommended by us. In the amateur hands, the spray, which is mainly water, can drip inside the framework of the light and as well as rust the interior structure of the chandelier if not dried completely can rust and effect the wiring causing future problems.


We only use the spray method under specific circumstances and all care is taken to avoid this situation.


The cleaning solution we use is a special European formula which is efficient enough to remove dirt and dust yet soft enough to not effect the lacquer or metal of the framework on the fitting. The solution has a small silicon compound which leaves a coating on the glass and gives it an extra special sparkle and shine.


During the clean, the pins holding the crystals together are checked and replaced in need. These small pieces of wire can hold up to several kilos of weight and should be checked regulary to ensure that they don't suddenly break and drop causing breakages as they fall down the light.


We recommend that chandeliers in a normal domestic situation be cleaned about once a year.


Most cleaning jobs are undertaken with the light in place, however if the light is not attached to a ceiling and portable, the work can be undertaken in the workshop in Freemans Bay when the dressing and complete frame can be dissassembled for an extra special clean.


As each chandelier job is different and requires different attention, please contact us for a quote for your particular requirements.


*Please note whilst we are very careful and professional at what we do we only work under an ‘all care but no responsibility’ basis. Should you wish to insure your chandeliers whilst we are cleaning them, transporting them or assembling them, then please feel free to do so. Thank you





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