9 Foot Garland, decorated with Lights

and Christmas Decorations


White Icicles, Led, Long life, commercial quality,

can plug up to 10 sets into

each other, each set 3m long


2 m drop by 2m wide curtain.

This photo is of two sets joined to

each other,  comes in white, red,

blue and green.

Multi coloured Spiral tree. 7 Foot High  

6m drop x 2m wide red curtain. colours come in red, green and white. 

42 inch wreath with white led lights 

Curtains 3m drop x 2m , white, red, green, blue

also strings of led lighting in 4m sections.

 18 can be joined into one strings, standard colours also available


All products in commercial grades, long life led bulbs.

Also available, rope lighting, motifs and strings.